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Title: Their first fight (Donghae's Journey For a Good Mom, first chapter)
Author: K (prpldrkrse ) and Abiella
Pairing: Hae/everyone
Rating: G (I guess)
Genre: CRACK
Summary: in which SM Town's members are a bit crazy and Donghae takes them too seriously
Notes: a fic based on silly captions I made with my chairmate (Abiella).

It’s been a week since Heechul proclaimed that they were officially a family, and everyone in SME had known about it. At first, it was a bit hard for Donghae to be forced to take responsibility, but now he found himself loving his position as Taemin’s father (not as Heechul’s husband, he just couldn’t bear the older man, but don’t tell Heechul a word about it). He had loved children since God knows when, and Taemin was a good son, how can he not love his position? If only Heechul wasn’t Taemin’s mother, life would be perfect for him.

Just like usual, Donghae would go to SME building at exactly 7 p.m. to pick Taemin up and dropped him by SHINee’s dorm before doing what he should be doing. It was an important thing for him, to make sure his son got enough rest and so he doesn’t skip school the day after. Oh, that also means he could get some more free time, even if it’s just for a good 30 minutes or an hour. It was more important, because that way he could stay away from Heechul.

He walked to the practice room, hearing a song being played from inside of it. He had no doubt that it was the song Taemin always talking about on their way home. They had learned the choreography for days, the young boy had said, and he just wasn’t satisfied with the result so he decided to change it a bit. Donghae chuckled to himself; he and Taemin shared the same passion in dancing.

Opening the door, he found his son with the other members dancing in the middle of the room. Slowly, he slipped inside and closed the door, making sure he didn’t interrupt anything. Seeing that no one even realized his presence, he sat near their bags, watching those younger boys. That made him felt old, seeing them so young and energetic. (He just didn’t know that that was what his band mate thought of him all of the time.)

After a brief while, the music had stopped blaring. Jonghyun and Jinki slumped onto the floor, Minho followed soon. Key chuckled seeing them and poked Jonghyun’s side with his toe slightly. No one realized Donghae still. Taemin laughed seeing his hyung rolled around as Key poked the blonde and when he turned his head, he found his father sitting there. “Daddy!!” he shouted before pounced at the oldest in the room. Donghae hugged his son tightly in response.

Finally registering in their mind that there was Donghae in the room, the rest of SHINee member stood up and bowed to him, saying their apology and greetings. Donghae smiled to them in return and bowed his head a bit, arms still holding Taemin tight.

The youngest pulled away after what felt like eternity, a small pout on his face. “Daddy, is it time to go home already?” he asked. Donghae nodded in response, making him pout even more. “Can I stay a bit longer? I don’t want to go home yet…”

Taking aback of his adorable-and-cute son’s word, Donghae blinked slightly. “Why don’t you want to go home, sweety? If you have a good reason, daddy will let you,” he replied softly. Taemin shifted slightly on his lap before giving him a nervous smile.

“I just want to practice more, Dad,” he answered, his voice a bit wavered. Sensing that there was something he hid, Donghae glared at him slightly. Taemin bit his lower lip nervously.

“But you have to go to school, Taemin-ah,” he said firmly. “That’s not a good enough reason for me, so go take your things and let’s go home.”

Key had moved first to prepare Taemin’s bag, the other members couldn’t be found. “Donghae-sshi is right, Taeminnie, you should go home and rest for school,” he added as he handed the bag to the older man who mumbled thanks.

Taemin still hadn’t move from his position, his cheeks puffed. “Daddy, Key-hyung, I don’t want to go to school!!” he insisted. There must be something really wrong, Donghae thought; Taemin had never acted like this in the past week.

“Tell me why, Taemin,” Donghae and Key said in the same time. Donghae had to stifle his laugh at the coincidence, and so was Key.

The youngest of them three scratched the back of his head slightly as he thought for a valid reason, but apparently he found none. “umh… Just because,” he answered in English.

Donghae furrowed his eyebrow slightly, trying to remember what he learnt in Full House. After a brief moment, he remembered of Kangin. “Obey me!” he shouted lightly.


In other place

Kangin shuddered slightly and touched the back of his neck. He looked around and shrugged simply as he realized that he was indeed alone in the room. “Maybe it’s just my feeling,” he said before continuing whatever he was doing.


Taemin then got up from his position on Donghae’s lap and bring his hand together, just like Siwon’s gesture. “But Daddy, please~! Just this once!” he said –shouted actually.

Donghae rolled his eyes lightly. Sure, he loved his son, but he didn’t like if his child didn’t obey him. “Why should I give you permission, Taemin-ah? I bet you have a homework that you can’t do!” he shouted back, standing up.

His son’s eyes widened (if it could, it was as big as plate in the normal size) and Key gasped slightly, scandalized. “N-no Daddy, I-I don’t have homework,” he replied, stuttering. Taemin shoved his hand into his pocket, seemingly to look for something. Key then ran from the room, not wanting to interrupt the family problem, or maybe to find the others.

The oldest of them two wasn’t happy as he found out the real reason of why Taemin didn’t want to go home. He didn’t want Taemin to neglect his schoolwork even if he was able to earn money without it. He just wanted his son to study and get good grades, even if he’s not Taemin’s biological father.

“Yes you do, Taemin. Don’t fool me!”

“No Daddy, I don’t! I really don’t have any homework!” Taemin practically shouted back, pulling his hand from his pocket. Apparently he was taking his mobile phone.


“No!” Taemin wailed, his eyes were full of tears.

“Oh, yes Taemin! Don’t lie to your dad!”

“Mommyyyy!!!” he whined to the phone. Donghae could hear a groan from the other side of the line, and froze on his place. No, Taemin wouldn’t call-

“Yes Taemin-ah, what’s wrong? Mommy is busy!!” Heechul’s voice was loud and clear even from where Donghae was standing. Donghae groaned a bit when he realized that it was really Heechul. “I can hear you, Donghae! Are you two home yet?”

Taemin pouted slightly, “I don’t want to go home, Mommy! And daddy is forcing me to go home with-“ Donghae snatched his phone before Taemin could finish his words. “Daddy! Give me my phone back!!”

Ignoring his child, Donghae placed the phone on his right ear. “Hyung-ah, Taemin doesn’t want to go home because he has a homework to do and he doesn’t want to do it,” he said simply. A loud ‘no’ could be heard from behind him but he ignored it again. “Say something to him, Hyung. He listens to you more than me.”

Heechul’s laughter was so loud that Donghae wondered if he could be deaf just by listening to him. “That’s because I’m a fabulous mother, Hae. Oh wait, Heebum!!” he shrieked even louder. If Donghae was wondering if he could be deaf, now he’s wondering why he hadn’t been deaf yet.

Taemin stomped his feet childishly. “I don’t want to go home, Daddy!” he whined. Donghae walked toward him slowly and hugged him tight. “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow… I don’t understand anything about trigonometry,” he continued. Now, Donghae finally found out the reason.

“Why don’t you go to our dorm, Taeminnie?” Heechul’s voice reappeared from the phone. Donghae pulled away slightly, he had forgotten that Heechul was still on the line. “You can study with me, your dad, and Kyuhyun, isn’t that a good idea?”

Taemin opened his mouth, was about to reject the offer, but then he remembered that it might make Heechul angry, and making him angry wasn’t a great decision. Still wanting to live his life, Taemin nodded a bit. “Okay Mommy…” he said, voice small.

“Good then!” Heechul replied. “Now go home and take your things! Oh, don’t forget your uniforms! You’re staying for the night; I’ll talk with Jinki later. And about tomorrow, your dad can drive you to school, so you don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll be waiting for you here, bye!”

Donghae felt that something bad would happen somehow, but he knew better not to say anything.

Tags: c: donghae, c: heechul, c: taemin, chap: journey, fandom: shinee, fandom: super junior, fanfic
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