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듣고 있니?
26/12/2012 - [sticky post] moving
new journal :         reeledreality
fic community :      812addiction

fics will be moved to the comm asap and everything here would be locked.
this would be my own private journal for rl and stuff.
thank you very much.
hugs kisses.
18/11/2020 - well

this journal is semi-friends only.
fanfics and icons are for public, as for rants and so will be friends only.
that being said: you don't need to friend me if you just want to read and comment on my fic :)
might change in the future, seeing that i'm weird just like that.

known as troll #1 or troll A.
not really good at ANY grammars.
don't really get along well with people.
works better under sugar influences.
needs your comments to keep being sane.
has sickeningly low self-esteem

mostly shoujo manga-like stories.
do accept prompt at times.
constantly being hit by writer's block.
would like to collaborate with someone anyone :)


ayout taken from niewiadoma
24/11/2012 - bluish gray.
broken!kris/baekhyun, implied future kris/chanyeol
PG-13, 2,151 wc. AU.

i suggest you to listen to Block B's Movie's Over before because it's what inspires me :)

I’m still in this gray phase, but I’m not exactly gray either.Collapse )

1. not beta-ed, not spellchecked not anything really. please kindly point any mistakes out.
2. my first time doing a 1st person POV, if there is anything amiss, please tell me?
3. you can comment here, or on my tumblr ask or on my twitter. just, i need some feedback and someone to talk with?
4. wow i write something that is not krisyeol. cue #becauseweareallkrisbaekshipperindisguise
05/11/2012 - can you hear me?
title: can you hear me?
genre: angst
rating: PG
pairing: kris/chanyeol
summary: it's Kris' birthday and he couldn't help but to reminisce his past
it's easier to understand if you read this in this order:
walk away - magic - mistakes and the things it triggered - can you hear me?

'Happy birthday, Kris'Collapse )
03/11/2012 - W I P F I C S

Pairing: Kris/Chanyeol

Prompt: when you're caught up in between dreams and reality, what would you do?

35% / 100%


Pairing: Kris/Chanyeol

Prompt: various

65% / 100%


Pairing: Baekhyun/Sehun

Prompt: I scraped my knee falling for you

40% / 100%


Pairing: Kris/Chanyeol

Prompt: Chanyeol is a part time C. (i'm not telling what C is. not until i finish at least 75% of this fic. anyone has an idea? email me i'll give you something)

5% / 100%

last updated 2012/11/15 11:36 pm
if you have any prompts or anything, you can contact me via email here (or if you hate clicking links it's 812addiction@gmail.com)
title: of halloween mask and fanboys
author: prpldrkrse and meanie_minnie
pairing: xiumin/luhan and kris/chanyeol
summary: it's SM's Halloween party; Luhan and Chanyeol are Yunho's fanboy.
inspired by this and this 

welcome to SM's 2012 halloween partyCollapse )

1. it was originally a normal kakao talk chat until we began to write paragraphs out of it
2. it was supposed to be a short drabble
3. it was my fault. i'm sorry
4. but seriously, those masks are exactly the same, right?
5. follow me on twitter @812addiction /shot
apparently my life has became a drama. like seriously. so here, enjoy my ramblings about it
oh wow it's longCollapse )
29/08/2012(no subject)
title: mistakes and the things it triggered
genre: angst
pairing: kris/chanyeol
rating: pg
summary: kris had to go back to canada for a personal thing and left Chanyeol behind.
a/n: thx lahaela for your big help on betaing this ^^
a continuation of walk away and magic.

"Hey it's Park Chanyeol"Collapse )

10/08/2012 - magic
title: magic
genre: angst ??
pairing: kris/chanyeol (chanyeol-centric)
rating: pg
summary: He is now a butterfly without wings; he couldn’t do anything.
a kind of continuation from walk away.

not without him being aroundCollapse )
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